Please read this

When I started this site, I wanted it to be 3 things:

  • A place where I could present my skills to the world.
  • A reference / code snippet book for myself.
  • A place where I could learn new skills by seeking the discussion with other developers.

If you’re a blogger yourself, or you’ve done some blogging in the past, you know that it takes much time and effort to write good blog posts, not to mention to ‘keep your quota’ and do the necessary technical stuff (development, upgrading, hosting, etc.).
It’s nice to see all this time and effort resulting in more visitors for my site, but let’s be honest and put some things in perspective:
I spend a lot of my spare time writing for my blog and helping people out where I can. I could also choose to spend that time building sites for other clients, or stand behind the bar or do some dishwashing for all I care. Anyway: what I’m trying to say is: it’s not wrong for me to try at least get a few pennies out of my hard work. It’s not that I’m already a huge billionaire that thrives on thousands of sites with amazing ad revenues. I’m also not an advertising or tracking party that tries to steal your online identity. I’m just a regular guy with a house a wife and a beautiful daughter, trying to make the best of it.
So please…
Tell Ghostery to whitelist this site and tell your adblocker to allow ads on this domain; I assure you: it will make my day. And who knows… you might even see that ad of pro-quality hosting for a very cheap price that you might otherwise have missed…