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How to make elements visible on scroll

I recently got inspired by this article, where elements became visible (with nice and nifty animations) when the user started scrolling. Now I wanted to implement something like this in a project I’m currently working on, and a purist as I am I wanted to do this with nothing more than CSS3 transitions. The idea is actually quite simple: just toggle a class on the <body> -tag of your page, and let CSS do the rest.

Switching the class

I didn’t wanted to include a whole library for this and I also didn’t care that much about being backward compatible to older (read: Internet Explorer) browsers. So I just came up with this small and simple way of doing this:

That’s it! That’s the only piece of code that toggles the scrolled -class on my <body> -tag.

Animate it with CSS

When it comes to the animating part, we let SCSS do the magic for us. Be creative! Animate with margins, opacity, colors, you name it! Here’s a little SCSS to set you up:

This is of course very basic, but you could stretch this as far as you want. I’ve created a little demo on CodePen that shows a single example of what can be done. Just open it, scroll down and see the magic happen.

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