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Magento 2 : Use custom source models for multiselect product attributes


Source models in Magento 2 are very simple. They simply are classes that return a list of properties. A very basic example:

You can use this source model in configuration files or in the source_model-column of your EAV attribute.
But …
When you want to use multiselect instead of select, you might encounter the following error:

What’s happening here, and more importantly: how can we fix this?


It’s all in the configuration of your model. If you’ve created a multiselect attribute in the admin, it’s backend model is set to Magento\Eav\Model\Entity\Attribute\Backend\ArrayBackend . As you can see, this is an EAV model. For this reason, the source model, must also take EAV into account. How can we do this? Simple: just extend your source model from Attribute\Source\AbstractSource  and implement the getAllOptions() -method (which returns the same 2-dimensional array with value and label-keys):

That’s it! The error will be gone and you’ll be able to use your custom source model for multiselect product attributes in Magento 2!

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