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How to solve the ever-growing core_url_rewrite table in Magento

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Got an ever-growing core_url_rewrite  table in Magento? Don’t know what’s going on? I encountered this problem today: when I re-indexed my catalog URL’s, for some reason Magento added some extra rows. And it would keep on doing this each time I re-indexed it, when no product were even added, deleted or even modified. This was clearly a bug. But how to fix this?

The underlying cause

If you encounter this bug, chances are that you have one or more categories and/or products that share a similar product key. When this happens, Magentos’ indexer goes berserk and creates an ever-inflating table in your database, drastically decreasing performance on it’s way.

The fix

Lucky for you, you’re not the only one who encounters this strange behaviour. Also, a patch was released late 2013 that addresses this issue. If you don’t want to apply the patch and rather want to create your own module with a custom rewrite, simple rewrite the Mage_Catalog_Model_Url -model and rewrite the getUnusedPath() -method. After the following lines:

Add this:

And replace this:

With this:


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