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How to add a custom renderer to the admin grid in Magento 2


So you want to add a custom render to the admin grid in Magento 2 huh? Well, today I was faced with just that same task:
One parameter of my custom model was a reference to the manufacturer ID. So the manufacturer ID is stored in the database, but in my grid I wanted to show the name of the manufacturer instead of it’s ID of course. So I needed to add a custom renderer for this column. Lucky for me, achieving this is fairly simple in Magento 2.

Add a renderer to your grid XML

In my grid XML, on the position where I declare the manufacturer column, I added an argument called ‘renderer’. The value of this argument pointed to my custom renderer:

Note the renderer -argument in the example above. Now let’s take a look at …

The renderer class

Let’s break this code down:

  • In the constructor I used dependency injection so I can have access to the registry and the attribute factory (that will help me later on loading the manufacturer attribute).
  • In the _getValue() -method I load the manufacturer-attribute, fetch it’s options, and return the label of the option that matches with my ID.
  • I also make use of the registry so that the $options -array only needs to be loaded once, and used many (which is of course best practice when rendering columns in the grid).

That’s it. Hoped this helps you some…

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