Hello World!


Hi, my name is Giel Berkers, and after years of silence, I’m trying it again: write a blog! I feel I’ve been giving my online presence not enough attention over the last few years. Although I am present in various online communities like those of Symphony CMS and Magento, I’ve never given my own site much attention over the last years.
Well, that’s about to change…

Talk about the bizz’

I feel I got numerous topic to talk about, like PHP, Magento, Symphony CMS, Responsive Design, Compass tips and tricks, XSLT and much more. Instead of spreading information like that in scattered pieces throughout the Internet, I feel like this information also deserves a place here on my very own website. After all, I consider myself to be a professional in the field I work in, so why not share some of my knowledge, questions, goodies and interests with the rest of you?
And this doesn’t just mean that I’m trying to dictate how I think the world should tick. Au contrair; I’m also hoping to learn much new insights from the feedback that you, my reader, leaves behind.

Keeping the promise

Well, the intentions are good, and over the last year I collected some topics I’d like to chat about, but for now, let’s just hope I can keep the promise to myself to make a couple of posts each month. I’ve done it before, I’ve lost it before, and I want to try it again!
So, keep tuned into this website, plug it into your favorite reader, and feel free at anytime to post some feedback!
Kind regards,
Giel Berkers

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