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In the last couple of years I’ve written a lot of posts about all kind of subjects. I really enjoy writing about my profession and I like it to teach or explain things about web development to other people.
Sometimes I receive e-mails from other people who are struggling with a problem. When the question is good and I think the answer might benefit more people, I would like to write an in-depth article about it. After all, I don’t always have inspiration to write good articles, so sometimes feedback from the community is more than welcome! So if you have questions about:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • Magento
  • WordPress

… or any other web development-related topic, don’t hesitate to ask your question in the comment form below this article. And who knows, if it’s interesting enough I’ll write a full-blown article about it!

4 thoughts on “Ask Me Anything”

  1. Giel,

    Dat is lang geleden. Ik kom je nu al een paar keer tegen wanneer ik specifieke zaken m.b.t. Magento tweaken Google. Vandaar dit bericht. Voor mijn baas (waar ik 2 dagen in de week werk) heb ik een Magento store gemaakt welke bij CloudVPS draait. Nu is deze gevuld met een 5000 producten en is de site (lampenwereld.be staat hij live) onacceptabel traag geworden.

    De programmeur die me CloudVPS en het template heeft aangeraden is erg jong en kan me wat dat betreft niet veel zekerheid bieden.

    Kan en wil je ons helpen met de site en zo ja wat zou het tarief zijn?

    Ik hoor graag van je!


    Tom van Ansem

    PS: dit is mijn bedrijfje waar ik 3 dagen in de week mee aan het klooien ben https://sims.nu

  2. Hans Hvide says:

    Giel, not sure if you read this but here comes a question about Magento (version 1.13.0). I am selling, say, balls of three different colors red yellow and green. These are sold individually for price 100. I would like to offer a new product called “all balls” which includes a discount to customers relative to buying the balls together. Is there a simple way to do this?

    Approach 1: create a bundle product. This is easy but I cannot figure out how to (i) avoid drop-down menus (I do not want customers to have the option to pick only two balls), and (ii)include a price discount, so that the price is not 300 but, say 250.

    Approach 2: buy the bundled product discount extension. This extension looks great, pricing is easy, but does not appear to have the functionality that “All balls” becomes a separately listed product (if I get the “bundled product discount” right, this new product does not appear in the main catalogue, just as an option below individual products).

    I would very warmly appreciate your respons to this!

    Best, Hans

  3. Leuke blog om te zien! Wat doe je allemaal zoals met Magento?? ben benieuwd. Mail je wel even.

  4. How to set image role using csv? i have create image attribute called “size_chart” and i want to import all that attribute using csv file. images are properly imported but i am not able to set image role as “size chart”.

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